l i s t e n
Woken by a mysterious sound, the child is stirred awake. Fear emerges from bewilderment, as the flimsy barriers protecting him are obsolete to what watches from beyond the doors. 

“l i s t e n” calls forth a universal fear of the unknown. What may lie hidden in the shadows, grasping at your covers. This work is a common nightmare realized when the unidentifiable noises that keep one up at night manifest. A rustle, a thud, scratching, or labored breath? With only the slight illumination of the moonlight and a nightlight offer some clarity and relief from the darkness.  The silence of still images allows the viewer to imagine what they might have heard. This narrative series is a fearful childhood nightmare come to life; what one fears is watching behind the curtains of darkness.

A high ISO combined with desaturated image tones aim to emulate a silent horror film.

Set in my childhood cabin, this sequence echoes my own fears of the unknown fostered in the very room these photographs took place. As a reflective narrative, this series mirrors my own anxieties and superstituions. Alluding to the loss of innocence experienced by neglected children, this sequence further relates to my own childhood trauma from an abusive father; the neglect the subject, my nephew, receives from an absent mother.  As a child, when we tell our guardians we fear the monsters and ghosts looming in our room at night, we were often discredited for our foolish developing imaginations. One would expect the  child to scream or cry out for help; yet no one hears, the child is silent.  
The darkness consumes him, the child is lost.   (2019)                  
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